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Start Improving Your Wellbeing Today

Our online courses are designed to help you identify, understand, and improve psychological difficulties like stress, insomnia, worry, anxiety and depression.

Take a look below to see how you can start creating a positive change in your wellbeing from the comfort of your own home.

How We Can Help

At This Way Up we believe that everyone should be able to access practical, effective, and evidence-based resources to help them improve their mental health.

Our team of dedicated mental health clinicians have taken the research-backed tools and strategies used in face-to-face psychological treatment, and created practical online courses to guide you through using new coping skills to improve how you’re feeling.

What You Get


Illustrated lesson slides which use recovery stories to teach practical skills to tackle symptoms.

Action Plans

Downloadable PDF summaries with action plans and coping strategies to practice following each lesson.

Extra Resources

Extra resources to help you improve sleep, boost motivation, communicate better and so much more!

Reminder Emails

We’ll notify you by e-mail when your next lesson becomes available.

SMS Notifications

You can select to receive text message reminders to help you stay on track.

Progress Tracking

Questionnaires to help you track your progress and wellbeing throughout the course.

How Does It Work?




You can enroll in most of our courses on your own and complete it as self-help. Some courses are only available if prescribed by your treating clinician (e.g., GP or psychologist).


Supervised By Your Clinician


Or you can ask your doctor, psychologist or other health professional about supervising you through a course. Your clinician must be registered with our system and login to prescribe you a course.

How To Start

You can start learning practical tools to improve your mental health in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Browse

Browse our extensive range of low-cost online courses below and select the course that is most applicable to your current situation.

Step 2: Enrol

Enrolling is easy! Simply click the button below and you will be guided through the online registration process.

Step 3: Begin!

The most important thing after you enroll into one of our courses is to actually begin! We recommend completing the first lesson of your course as soon as possible to unlock your exercises and begin improving how you feel.

Courses We Offer

Mental Health

We offer a range of courses for depression and the anxiety disorders. These courses have been proven to work in high-quality, clinical trials. On average, 80% of people who complete one of these courses benefit substantially, with 50% no longer being troubled by anxiety or depression.

Physical Health

We have courses available to help you manage chronic health conditions and improve your quality of life.

Short Wellbeing Courses

We also offer a number of free short courses in addition to our full range of CBT programs.  These evidence-based courses are self-paced.

Not Sure Which Course to Choose?

You can complete our anonymous online questionnaire which will make a recommendation based on your scores.

About Us

Developed by world-leading experts, our courses are evidence-based and designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills to overcome your difficulties.

On average across our courses, most people benefit from each lesson they complete, with 80% of people who complete all lessons benefiting substantially and 50% to the point of no longer being troubled by anxiety or depression related illness. However, 20% do not benefit and will need to seek further assistance.

For a list of our published research click the link below.


Our full-length, disorder-specific courses are rigorously tested in our research unit, Virtual Clinic, before they are released. We have treated over 2,000 patients in Virtual Clinic, using versions of the depression, panic, social phobia, GAD, OCD, and transdiagnostic courses, and have found that the courses significantly reduce anxiety and depression. Virtual Clinic is also continually involved in a range of research projects investigating the nature, causes and treatment of anxiety disorders.

  • Benefit substantially 80% 80%
  • No longer troubled by anxiety or depression 50% 50%

As of Nov 2018, we had more than 9,800 clinicians and more than 36,000 individuals enrolled in THIS WAY UP.



Who Is Suitable For A THIS WAY UP Course?

Our research suggests that our courses are suitable for people who have a mild, moderate or severe anxiety or depressive disorder, but may not be suitable for individuals who:


Have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or drug or alcohol dependence.


Are in severe distress and are experiencing suicidal thoughts – those who could be better being seen by a clinician.


Are taking benzodiazepines and/or atypical antipsychotics.