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How Does It Work?

Clinicians are able to prescribe our courses and then monitor wellbeing, and progress, using our online treatment management system.

Find out how to get started below.

1. Register as a Clinician

Register as a clinician for free. Once you register we will send you a Clinician Guide on how to get started.

2. Log In

Login to your account to start prescribing our courses to your patients or clients.

3. Prescribe and Monitor

Use our Quickscript tool to send a digital script your patient or client’s email. Once registered, the patient or client will start their course under your clinical supervision.

You can monitor progress and wellbeing via our automated emails or by logging in to your account and viewing patient progress.

4. Support and Encourage

As your patient or client progresses through the course, you can support and encourage their progress. We know that from research, people are more likely to complete when they receive support.

How We Can Help You

By using This Way Up courses you can:

– Select from 8 disorder-specific and 3 transdiagnostic online CBT courses for major depression and anxiety disorders based on individual treatment needs

– Track clients’ scores on the measures of anxiety and depression as they progress through the program

– Monitor clients’ progress throughout the 6-lesson CBT course

– Supplement the online intervention with additional face-to-face, phone, or e-mail support if needed.