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Mindfulness-Based CBT Course


Course Information


It is common for symptoms of anxiety and depression to occur together. Anxiety refers to excessive tension, nervousness, and worry about everyday things, that typically lasts for months or even years; while depression refers to prolonged periods of sadness, loss of interest, poor concentration, and feelings of worthlessness.

This program incorporates principles of both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Training, and was developed to help people who are troubled by both sets of symptoms. It is based on our Mixed Depression and Anxiety Course – the course that primary care clinicians generally find most useful for their patients.

Mindfulness is a specialised skill in mental awareness, attention, and acceptance that is associated with numerous health benefits. Mindfulness training allows practitioners to develop a deeper understanding of the mind, and a more accepting and compassionate relationship to their internal and external experiences. It involves guided exercises to help individuals become aware of automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and how to respond in more effective ways. Both CBT and Mindfulness have been found to be helpful in treating anxiety and depression.

Who will find this course useful?

  • People who have had attacks of anxiety and periods of depression at various times.
  • People who frequently experience both sets of symptoms, whether or not they are currently suffering.
  • People who are interested in learning about mindfulness and meditation.

Course duration

The Mindfulness-Based CBT course is a comprehensive program, which consists of six online lessons to be completed in 90 days. We recommend completing about one lesson per week and we’ve found that people who get the most out of our programs practise their new skills on a daily basis. If you complete the course in the 90 day access period you will be granted an extra 12 months to review the material. Please note, there is a 5-day lockout period between lessons to encourage the revision of material.

How much will it cost?

The course is A$59 for three months’ access.

What type of support will I receive?

This course is only available for enrolment under clinician guidance, and we recommend finding a clinician who is familiar with mindfulness practices. Before starting the course, we recommend that you discuss with your clinician how you can make contact, if you have questions or concerns as you proceed though the lessons.

How is the course structured?

Online Questionnaires

Our online questionnaires help to establish how you are feeling. Results from the questionnaires are then relayed back to your clinician after each lesson. If you are undertaking a self-guided course, you will be notified by THIS WAY UP if your scores are above the acceptable range.

Comic-Based Stories

Our lessons are in a comic based format, where you can follow the journey of a character as they learn practical skills to combat anxiety and depression. They also learn how to maintain these skills, manage and reduce difficulties, and prevent symptoms from returning.


Download our summaries and activities to reinforce what you learnt in each lesson.

Audio files

Listen to the audio files to guide you through the mindfulness exercises

Extra Resources

Download additional activities and information that you can complete between lessons.

Online Calendar

Schedule your next lesson using our online calendar and we’ll send you reminders for your next lesson.


Lesson Information

What lessons will the course cover?


Mindfulness enhanced CBT course


Lesson 1

About Anxiety and Depression – Learn about the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety and depression, how they can affect you, and how CBT and mindfulness can help.


Lesson 2

Getting Back on Track – Learn to tune into your body, to tackle low activity, and to solve problems.


Lesson 3

Learning About Your Mind – Learn to notice and recognize unhelpful thinking patterns.


Lesson 4

Tackling Unhelpful Thinking – Learn to tackle negative thinking habits and overcome roadblocks.


Lesson 5

Facing Your Fears – Learn to overcome your fears through graded exposure, and learn to cope with the distressing emotions associated with anxiety and depression.


Lesson 6

Staying Well – Learn how to master your skills and stay well in the long term.



“It benefitted my coping skills greatly. I was able to develop a set of coping strategies and learn how to manage my anxiety and depression much better. Absolutely recommend this program to everyone, not just people who have trouble with anxiety and depression. ”   

Feedback after Lesson 6
“I feel I have a much clearer idea of mindfulness now. I can notice myself using many of the techniques daily. I feel I have a much clearer understanding of my own anxiety now, where it comes from, how the cycle works, noticing habits of behaviour and thinking.
I am so grateful to have been able to take part in this course and I can’t thank you enough for the support, knowledge and reassurance it has provided me with.”   

Feedback after Lesson 6
“Feel more confident and if feelings arise I understand the source and can retrace and find out triggers and hence formulate a solution and how I should go forward.”   

Feedback after Lesson 6
“Recognising subtle avoidance has helped a lot. I now tend to look for some of the exposure opportunities that I used to avoid. Being able to write down unhelpful thoughts vs rational thoughts before a social occasion definitely helped in a couple of instances. I tend to wake up feeling anxious, the mindfulness breathing space in the morning has enabled me to settle down.”   

Feedback after Lesson 6
“I am amazed with the progress I’ve made – simply by practising mindfulness in my daily life.”   

Feedback after Lesson 6

How Can I Study?


Self Help

  • Desktop Website
  • Unsupervised
  • Anonymous
  • 3 MonthsAccess
  • Available in Australia
  • $59


  • Desktop Website
  • Clinician Supervised
  • 3 Months Access
  • Available Worldwide
  • $59