Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. The steps we have taken to protect your privacy include:

  • Only your clinician and the system administrator (and you) can see your results.
    We only ask you for personal information if we need to.
  • We are not involved in the selling, trading or further unauthorised use of personal information.
  • We ensure that we will not pass on your personal details to any other organisations.

Besides the information that you enter in our system we also receive and store certain types of information through the use of Cookies, which allows for your smooth interaction with the THIS WAY UP system.

Download PDFs


Required Software

Adobe® Reader® XI is free software you can use to read and access the information contained within PDF files. Adobe Reader XI contains many capabilities specifically designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to read PDF files, regardless of whether the files have been optimized for accessibility. It leverages accessibility functions built into Windows® and Mac OS systems and allows adjustment of user preferences to optimize the reading experience for a variety of disabilities.