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If you have patients that are suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder,
there is a strong chance they will greatly benefit
from undertaking one or more of our courses.

How Does It Work?

Prescribe and Monitor


You can prescribe these courses to patients and supervise them as they work through the lessons.

Suggest Self Help


Or you can recommend to your patients to take up the self help courses, available on desktop or mobile devices.


Why Clinicians Use This Way Up

  • Effective
    Efficacy has been established in randomised control trials conducted by our research unit – Virtual Clinic. The courses produce improvements comparable to good face-to-face treatment with number needed to treat (NNT = 2).

  • Less Demanding
    Clinician’s time can be considerably reduced without compromising clinical outcomes or acceptability. Clinicians can prescribe THIS WAY UP courses to patients on wait lists, in order to assist them during the waiting period.

  • Improves Adherence
    In our randomised control trials, about 80% of people who enrol in our research programs complete all lessons.

Register as a Clinician – FREE

Free CBT Training Courses for Clinicians

In this course you can learn the skills to effectively treat patients with anxiety and depression.
The course teaches the skills used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
and what treatments to use for patients under your care.

Access the CBT course now via your dashboard

What Health Professionals Say About Our Courses

Don’t just believe us. See what clinicians say about our courses.

“The automated administration and scoring of standardised measures throughout treatment means I can easily track client progress in a much more time-efficient way than administering and scoring the measures myself. The online clinician view lets me see all my client’s scores in one place, all at once.”


“I loved receiving an email from a patient who could not afford, or find the time, to see a professional; she was amazed that just from a few simple online lessons, she had learnt the tools to overcome her anxiety.”


“THIS WAY UP’s online services have been hugely useful for my clients and for myself as a clinician. Clients find the material logical, easy to follow and practical; and they appreciate the 24/7 web access.”


“It’s really like having an intern in the practice.”


“My patients tell me they no longer feel they are ‘weird’ or suffering alone. This Way Up courses have a tremendous normalising effect..”


“It’s wonderful! Thanks so much. This gives me more time to work with clients in implementing and learning the skills they need to manage anxiety and depression.”

Good Luck to you ALL!”


Frequently Asked Questions


I’m not a GP, can I still register

Yes. Any clinician (e.g. general practitioner, psychologist, mental health nurse or any other allied health professional) is eligible to use THIS WAY UP.


Who is suitable for a course?

Patients who have a mild, moderate to severe anxiety and depressive disorder are suitable for a THIS WAY UP Clinic course.


How do patients enrol?

Patients enrol via our THIS WAY UP website. In order to register as a prescribed patient, they will require a completed prescription from you.

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