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Free Online Programs to Support Your Wellbeing

The programs below are designed to give you practical skills to improve stress, sleep, and general wellbeing.


Stress Management Program

Stress Management Program

This free 4-lesson program is about helping you tackle chronic feelings of stress and overwhelm, by teaching strategies for tackling your problems and managing how you feel. 

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Insomnia Program

Insomnia Program

This free 4-lesson program is about helping you tackle symptoms of insomnia – chronic and persistent difficulties with falling or staying asleep, which are affecting your quality of life.

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Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness Program

This free 4-lesson program is designed to teach you the principles and practice of mindfulness, and how you can use mindfulness skills to tackle stress and improve your wellbeing.

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Student Wellbeing Program

Student Wellbeing Program

This free 8-module program for university students teaches practical strategies for healthy thinking, smart studying, maintaining helpful routines and connections, and tools for coping when things feel tough.

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Free Stress Test

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Facing the Challenge Together

Free Online Tools for Coping with COVID-19

Explore our range of practical workbooks and helpful resources for coping with the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic.

If you need Urgent assistance

Where to Seek 1:1 Help

If you’re experiencing a difficult time and would like to speak with someone about how you’re feeling or what’s going on for you, click below to explore a list of mental health support services and helplines.

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