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Should I Choose a Self-Help or Clinician Supervised Course with THIS WAY UP?


THIS WAY UP provides a range of self-guided and expert-supervised online courses that you can choose from. These are evidence-based courses that have proven step-by-step strategies for managing stress, anxiety and low mood. But should you choose a self-help or clinician supervised course? 

The self-guided and clinician-supervised online courses are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This is a skills-based, internationally recommended mental health treatment. As a result, CBT targets the cognitions (i.e. the way you think) and behaviours (i.e.the things you do) that keep anxiety and depression going.

THIS WAY UP uses Internet-Delivered CBT or iCBT, which has the same principles as CBT but is delivered as a structured, self-guided (or self-help) online program. This means you can work through the lesson content at your own pace, whenever it’s convenient for you. You can also choose a course to work through in your own time but with the supervision of your own clinician. 

If you’re interested in learning practical skills to help improve your quality of life, one of THIS WAY UP’s CBT-based courses could be for you. They have been shown to be effective for many people for over 20 years now. According to our research 80% of people who’ve completed one of our treatment courses have benefited substantially, with 50% no longer being troubled by their symptoms. In addition, research has found that the benefits of iCBT last longer than medication and that iCBT is just as effective as face-to-face CBT.

There are two ways of accessing THIS WAY UP courses:

  1. Clinician-supervised (Free)
  2. Self-help (A one-off fee of $59)

Please note: The Posttraumatic Stress (PTS), Chronic Pain and TeenSTRONG courses are available as clinician-supervised only. If you are not residing in Australia, all of our courses are available as clinician-supervised only.

What are the advantages and which one should I choose?

THIS WAY UP clinician-supervised course advantages:

–          The cost is free, when prescribed by a clinician

–          Our research has shown that people are more likely to complete a course under clinical supervision

–         You could have more  support from a clinician who knows you personally and can help you tailor the skills to your day to day life    

–          Your clinician will have access to your questionnaire results every lesson and can track your progress throughout the course

THIS WAY UP self-help course advantages:

–          Instant access. There is no need to wait for a clinician to prescribe the course

–         Privacy. If you are not yet ready to talk with a clinician about your mental health but would like to start getting help, you can do so anonymously

–          As a not-for-profit, funds generated from self-help courses go straight back into supporting the development and evaluation of these evidence-based programs

The Choice Is Yours

Moreover, at THIS WAY UP we think that you should be empowered to choose what will work better for you.

If you would like a taste of an online CBT program, you can try one of our four short, wellbeing courses which are also free. Choose from: Intro to Mindfulness, Coping With Stress, Managing Insomnia and Student Wellbeing.

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