How To Use Our Apps


Getting started

To get started managing your anxiety or depression simply:

1. Register with your details and we will send you an email to activate your account.

2. Sign in using your email and password.

3. Start lesson 1.

Starting a lesson

If you are signing in for the first time, only lesson 1 will be available. Start by selecting lesson 1.

At this stage you will be asked some questions about how you are feeling. This is so you can track your progress to well-being and so that you can be aware if you’re not doing so well. In the case that you are feeling down or very anxious, the app will give you some instructions on how to get help.

Work through the illustrated and annotated lesson slides by using the navigators at the bottom of your screen, or by swiping across.

Downloading and completing homework

Once you finish your lesson, you will be given access to the appropriate homework. View the homework and either email it to yourself, to edit and print later on your computer, or print it directly from your phone.

To edit and save the homework, simply download and use Adobe Fill and Sign DC for Anrdoid and iOS. For a detailed guide to editing PDFs using Adobe Fill and Sign DC click here.

An automatic alert will be set to remind you to start your next lesson when it becomes available.

Note: there is a lock out period between lessons to give you time to complete the homework.

Extra Resources

Navigate to the dashboard menu by touching the top left button. From here you can find extra resources, a controlled breathing tool for anxiety, application settings as well as your profile to track your progress and see your achievements!