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The Importance of Getting Good Sleep

importance of getting good sleep for your mental health

Has your sleep been unsatisfying on more nights than not? Or perhaps it’s been that way every night for weeks, months or even years?

Insomnia can show up in different ways for different people. It could be having trouble falling asleep, waking up throughout the night and not being able to get back to sleep, or waking up much earlier than you need or want to.

It can be incredibly frustrating and exhausting when our sleep (or lack thereof!) gets in the way of living the kind of life we want.  

On World Sleep Day, let’s look at how good quality sleep can improve your quality of life:

1Stronger physical health

We need a robust immune system to fight off illness, infection and reduce flare-ups of chronic conditions. Solid sleep makes it less likely for us to get sick. It also gives us the energy to exercise, which boosts our immunity and contributes to overall health as well.

2. Stable mental health

Refreshing sleep better equips us to face everyday life’s ups and downs. It makes us less susceptible to mood swings, sadness, anxiety, anger and other feelings that can take over. Good sleep helps us manage our emotions better, stay calm and leave more room to feel good.

3. Increased productivity

Good quality sleep boosts our concentration, focus and memory. Whether it be performing on the job, meeting assignment deadlines or sitting exams, taking care of the home, caring for others and looking after our responsibilities – these things are more achievable when we can think clearly, rationally and creatively.

4. Energy for the people and things that really matter

You’re only human if lack of sleep makes you impatient, irritable and unmotivated. Fatigue can lead us to withdraw from the people and activities we value. Feeling well rested gives us the energy to nurture relationships, pursue enjoyable hobbies and things we are passionate about.

If your sleep difficulties are impacting on your quality of life, you can do something about it now. 

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