Take a test

When you are experiencing anxiety or depression related conditions, it may be difficult to know exactly how you feel. To help you gain some insight into how you are feeling, we have developed a new anxiety and depression test.

In addition to helping you choose a course, you can use the results to compare yourself with other people in the population, which will give you some idea how much anxiety and depression is interfering with your life. Alternatively you could use your results to measure your progress.

How Do I Feel?

It’s completely normal when you are distressed to be unsure of just what’s wrong.

We’ve put together some comprehensive fact sheets in our How Do You Feel section, to help you understand a bit more about your mental health. If you still feel unsure, however, and would like some extra guidance, please complete this questionnaire, known as the K10. It will help us understand your levels of distress associated with anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Based on your answers to the K10, we may need more information to assess which fact sheet and course is most suitable for you. We have an additional assessment with 32 questions that will assist us in helping you choose the most suitable course for your condition.

Please note: THIS WAY UP courses are designed for adults with anxiety and depression.
These courses are not recommended for people who have been diagnosed as having schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or who are dependent on drugs or alcohol. They are not recommended for people who take sedatives (like valium) daily, or for people who are thinking about committing suicide. All these people should take medical advice before embarking on web-based courses.