Social Phobia Course

Course Information


People with social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, fear that others will notice their anxiety and wrongly assume that they are incompetent. They often have difficulty in work or social situations where they might be the focus of attention, and will try to avoid such situations. The disorder can be very disabling. It usually begins in early teenage and can interfere with schooling and then employment. Internet-delivered cognitive behaviour (iCBT) therapy has been shown to help individuals reduce their worry, anxiety, and physical symptoms both in the short and the long term.

Who will find this course useful?

People who fear and avoid situations where they could become the centre of attention.

Course duration

This course is self paced, but is designed to be completed within 3 months, at most. We recommend completing one lesson every week to make sure you get the most of your course. Initially you will be granted 90 days access, and upon completion of the course, you will be granted an extra 12 months access for practice purposes. Please note, there is a 5-day lockout period between lessons to encourage the revision of material.

How much will it cost?

Depending on the method of delivery, the course will be either A$59 or A$59.99 for three months access. That’s a whole course for less than the cost of one visit to a psychologist. It’s a small price to pay for ‘getting back up’.

What type of support will I receive?

The amount of support you receive will depend on the way you choose to do this course. If your clinician – doctor or psychologist – prescribes it, they will receive updates on your wellbeing and progress. If you do the self-help or phone app courses, there is no external support available, as these delivery methods are designed to enhance motivation and self-reliance. However, provided you complete all six lessons, the results will be as good as with supervision.

What is Social Phobia

Social phobia is a fear of social situations that involve interactions with other people. If you have social phobia, you tend to worry about being judged badly by other people – being criticised, put down, or embarrassed.

How is the course structured?

Online Questionnaires

Our online questionnaires help to establish how you are feeling. Results from the questionnaires are then relayed back to your clinician after each lesson. If you are undertaking a self-guided course, you will be notified by THIS WAY UP if your scores are above the acceptable range.

Comic-Based Stories

Our lessons are in a comic based format, where you can follow the journey of a character as they learn practical skills to combat social phobia. They also learn how to maintain these skills, manage and reduce difficulties, and prevent symptoms from returning.


Download our summaries and activities to reinforce what you learned in each lesson.

Extra Resources

Download additional activities and information that you can complete between lessons.

Recovery Stories

Read real life stories about how others overcame their social phobia.

Online Calendar

Schedule your next lesson using our online calendar and we’ll send you reminders for your next lesson.

Lesson Information

What lessons will the course cover?

social anxiety disorder phobia online course app

Lesson 1

The Diagnosis – Learn about your symptoms of social phobia.

Lesson 2

Anxiety And Fear – Identify what holds you back from overcoming social phobia and understand how social phobia is treated.

Lesson 3

The List Of Fears – Create a plan on how to manage social phobia.

Lesson 4

Controlling Thoughts – Learn how to successfully tackle your basic fears.

Lesson 5

Confronting Fears And Thoughts – How to manage worrying thoughts.

Lesson 6

Preventing Relapse And Getting Even Better – Learn about relapse prevention and how to access specialised treatment if you need it.



On average, most people benefit a little from each lesson completed. 80% of people who complete all lessons benefit substantially, 50% to the point of no longer being troubled by their symptoms. 20% do not benefit and will need to seek further assistance.

  • Benefited substantially


  • No longer troubled



Trial Results

We have done many Randomised Controlled Trials and the results have been replicated by independent scientists. We have also completed a large study of effectiveness in practice. The outcomes of these studies are very good.

References: Titov N et al, Randomized controlled trial of web-based treatment of social phobia without clinician guidance, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2009; Titov N et al, The Shyness Program: Longer Term Benefits, Cost-Effectiveness, and Acceptability, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2009; Titov N et al, An RCT comparing two types of support on severity of symptoms for people completing Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for social phobia, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2009; Titov N et al, Internet treatment for social phobia reduces comorbidity, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2009; Williams et al, The effectiveness of internet cognitive behaviour therapy (iCBT) for social anxiety disorder across two routine practice pathways, Internet Interventions, 2014



“I cannot express adequately the value this course has been to me. The big break through was learning to recognise the various parts of my anxiety.

I can now recognise my stages of fear, identify and challenge them.

I recommend this course to anyone whose life is affected by social anxiety. “

Patient feedback after Lesson 6

“I’m a 20 year old student, with constant anxiety issues.

This course actually has really helped.

The most helpful thing I’ve found is writing down the worries.

With these lessons I do feel a lot more in control of my destiny, and I’m really grateful for that. ”

Patient feedback after Lesson 4

“I was involved in cognative behaviour therapy many years ago, but this course has mentioned things I knew nothing of, such as exercising even when feeling tired. I was convinced this course would not help me but thought it could do no harm and already I feel I can improve.”

Patient feedback after Lesson 1

“THIS WAY UP has taught me that I have the potential to get better control over my anxiety.

Thanks to this course, I will always have the ‘toolbox’ to prevent it from controlling me in the future.

I know now that I am in complete control of my thoughts and behaviours and that I shouldn’t let my mind control who I am, or how I deal with stressful situations.

Good Luck to you ALL!”

Patient feedback after Lesson 6

This course has really opened my eyes to all things I was doing and thinking that undermined me. As i read the lessons, I kept thinking ‘Of course!’. It’s hard to see the obvious, when it’s happening to you, though.

This was an excellent course, and way better than the several sessions I had with a psychologist! Seriously.

After each lesson, I always felt better just having read through it.

Patient feedback after Lesson 6

How Can I Study?

Choose to study supervised or unsupervised, on your mobile or desktop web browser.
Please choose carefully, as once you start on one platform, you are unable to change to another.


  • Desktop Website
  • Clinician Supervised
  • Clinician Feedback
  • 3 Months Access
  • Available Worldwide
  • $59

Self Help – Web

  • Desktop Website
  • Unsupervised
  • Anonymous
  • 3 Months Access
  • Available in Australia
  • $59