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Panic disorder is typified by recurrent short attacks of severe anxiety in situations that are not dangerous. Sufferers of panic disorder fear that the attacks will harm them physically or mentally, and they then worry about the next attack. When situations are avoided for fear of panic, it is called agoraphobia. It commonly begins in the early twenties and can be disabling and difficult to treat. Internet-delivered cognitive behaviour (iCBT) therapy has been shown to help individuals reduce their anxiety symptoms both in the short and the long term.

Who will find this course useful?

People who have recurrent attacks of panic or who avoid situations for fear of panic.

Course duration

This course is self paced, but is designed to be completed within 3 months, at most. We recommend you complete one lesson every week to make sure you get the most out of your course. Initially you will be granted 90 days access, and upon completion of the course, you will be granted an extra 12 months access for practice purposes. Please note, there is a 5-day lockout period between lessons to encourage the revision of material.

How much will it cost?

Depending on the method of delivery, the course will be either A$59 or A$59.99 for three months access. That’s a whole course for less than the cost of one visit to a psychologist. It’s a small price to pay for ‘getting back up’.

What type of support will I receive?

The amount of support you receive will depend on the way you choose to do this course. If your clinician – doctor or psychologist – prescribes it, they will receive updates on your wellbeing and progress. If you do the self-help or phone app courses, there is no external support available, as these delivery methods are designed to enhance motivation and self-reliance. However, provided you complete all six lessons, the results will be as good as with supervision.

What is Panic Disorder

Panic disorder occurs when the person has recurrent panic attacks and either a fear of having another panic attack, of losing control, of having a heart attack, or of ‘going crazy’.

How is the course structured?

Online Questionnaires

Our online questionnaires help to establish how you are feeling. Results from the questionnaires are then relayed back to your clinician after each lesson. If you are undertaking a self-guided course, you will be notified by THIS WAY UP if your scores are above the acceptable range.

Comic-Based Stories

Our lessons are in a comic based format, where you can follow the journey of a character as they learn practical skills to combat panic. They also learn how to maintain these skills, manage and reduce difficulties, and prevent symptoms from returning.


Download our summaries and activities to reinforce what you learnt in each lesson.

Extra Resources

Download additional activities and information that you can complete between lessons.

Recovery Stories

Read real life stories about how others overcame their panic.

Online Calendar

Schedule your next lesson using our online calendar and we’ll send you reminders for your next lesson.

Lesson Information

What lessons will the course cover?

Panic agoraphobia online course app

Lesson 1

About Panic Disorder – Learn how panic disorder develops.

Lesson 2

Managing The Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety – Learn what causes the physical symptoms of anxiety, and how to manage them.

Lesson 3

Dealing With Anxious Thoughts – Learn how anxious thoughts can impact on your anxiety symptoms, and how to deal with anxious thoughts.

Lesson 4

Confronting Behavioural Symptoms – Learn how avoidance keeps anxiety going, and how to slowly face your fears.

Lesson 5

Tackling Behavioural Symptoms & Exposure To Panic Sensations – Learn more about anxious behaviours that keep the panic cycle going, and how to control them.

Lesson 6

Continuing Exposure, Preventing Relapse, & Getting Even Better – Learn how to manage setbacks and continue to improve after the program has finished.



Up to 82% of participants in our Randomised Controlled Trials, and 66% of website users, who completed the full course online, were no longer troubled by their symptoms.

  • Participants no longer troubled
  • Website users no longer troubled


Trial Results

We have done two Randomised Controlled Trials and one effectiveness study and the results have been replicated by independent scientists.

References: Wims E et al, Clinician-assisted internet-based treatment is effective for panic: a randomized controlled trial, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2010

Allen AR et al, Internet cognitive behavioural treatment for panic disorder: a randomised controlled trial and evidence of effectiveness in primary care. British Journal of Psychiatry Open. 2016; 2: 154-162.



“I’m a nurse, and I thought I understood all about what panic attacks were, what caused them, and how to help control them.

I certainly didn’t think this would ever happen to me!

I couldn’t see the woods for the trees and needed direction and reinforcement to help me…

I’m certainly getting that from this course! I do have bad days, and sometimes it’s two steps forward and one backward, but I am letting this course help and guide me. I am feeling better!”

Feedback after Lesson 2

“When I first went to the doctor and she told me I was suffering anxiety and panic attacks, I thought she was mistaken!!

I was put on medication and offered the course. Of course I thought I did not need it, but to my surprise, I discovered that I was learning!

I discovered the breathing technique and putting it into action, and was able to start meeting up with friends and going to the shops, things that I had avoided for a long time.

My doctor is pleased with the results as they speak for themselves.”

Feedback after Lesson 6

“I have been experiencing panic attacks for the past year. At first I had no idea what they were, but after a while of experiencing breathlessness, nausea, feelings like “I’m going to die” and “I can’t control my thoughts”, I went to the doctor who told me I was having panic attacks.

After reading the first lesson and understanding that I am not alone, I am feeling hopeful that I can eventually control my anxiety and learn to enjoy my life without the worry of panic attacks occurring every day.”

Feedback after Lesson 1

“Before I started this course, I was certain that I was crazy and that eventually, despite what doctors and psychologists were telling me, my symptoms would prove to be precursors of something very dangerous.

The course helped me identify the symptoms of panic, and showed me that facing my fears was the only way to get my life back.

I still have a little way to go and I feel confident now that life will continue to get better.”

Feedback after Lesson 5

I see how my thoughts are far from real, and that they fall into more than one of the categories I’ve learnt about in this lesson. I am challenging my thoughts and when I look at the evidence against them, I smile.

Feedback after Lesson 1

How Can I Study?

Choose to study supervised or unsupervised, on your mobile or desktop web browser.
Please choose carefully, as once you start on one platform, you are unable to change to another.


  • Desktop Website
  • Clinician Supervised
  • Clinician Feedback
  • 3 Months Access
  • Available Worldwide
  • $59

Self Help – Web

  • Desktop Website
  • Unsupervised
  • Anonymous
  • 3 Months Access
  • Available in Australia
  • $59