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OCD Course

Course Information


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) consists of a mixture of obsessions, which are unwanted thoughts of harm or contamination that intrude into your mind and cause worry, and compulsions, like excessive washing or checking, to make sure the obsession cannot come true. It commonly begins in teenage and can be disabling and difficult to treat. Internet-delivered cognitive behaviour (iCBT) therapy has been shown to help individuals reduce their worry, anxiety, and physical symptoms both in the short and the long term.

Who will find this course useful?

People with more than one episode of OCD and who are ready to confront their fears very gradually to find out that what they fear does not occur.

Course duration

This course is self paced, but is designed to be completed within 3 months, at most. We recommend completing one lesson every week so you get the most out of your course. Initially you will be granted 90 days access, and upon completion of the course, you will be granted an extra 12 months access for practice purposes. Please note, there is a 5-day lockout period between lessons to encourage the revision of material.

How much will it cost?

Depending on the method of delivery, the course will be either A$59. That’s a whole course for less than the cost of one visit to a psychologist. It’s a small price to pay for ‘getting back up’.

What type of support will I receive?

The amount of support you receive will depend on the way you choose to do this course. If your clinician – doctor or psychologist – prescribes it, they will comment one to five times on your progress. If you do the self-help or phone app courses, there is no external support available, as these delivery methods are designed to enhance motivation and self-reliance. However, provided you complete all six lessons, the results will be as good as with supervision.

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder characterised by unwanted, intrusive thoughts (called obsessions) and behavioural or mental rituals (called compulsions).

How is the course structured?

Online Questionnaires

Our online questionnaires help to establish how you are feeling. Results from the questionnaires are then relayed back to your clinician after each lesson. If you are undertaking a self-guided course, you will be notified by THIS WAY UP if your scores are above the acceptable range.

Comic-Based Stories

Our lessons are in a comic based format, where you can follow the journey of a character as they learn practical skills to combat OCD. They also learn how to maintain these skills, manage and reduce difficulties, and prevent symptoms from returning.


Download our summaries and activities to reinforce what you learnt in each lesson.

Extra Resources

Download additional activities and information that you can complete between lessons.

Recovery Stories

Read real life stories about how others overcame their OCD.

Online Calendar

Schedule your next lesson using our online calendar and we’ll send you reminders for your next lesson.

Lesson Information

What lessons will the course cover?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Online Course App

Lesson 1

The Diagnosis – Learn about your symptoms of OCD and how cognitive behavioural therapy can help.

Lesson 2

Tackling OCD Worries – Identify and challenge OCD thoughts and worries.

Lesson 3

Managing OCD Behaviours – Learn to reduce unhelpful OCD behaviours and confront your fears with step-by-step exercises.

Lesson 4

Exposure To Thoughts, Images And Urges – Learn how to identify and manage distressing OCD images and urges.

Lesson 5

Keep Progress Going – Overcome common difficulties encountered when managing your OCD.

Lesson 6

Preventing Relapse And Getting Even Better – Learn how to prevent an OCD relapse and where to seek further information and support.



Participants who completed this course benefited from each lesson completed. 54% of participants were no longer troubled by their symptoms after completing all lessons.

  • No longer troubled


Trial Results

We have done one Randomised Controlled Trial and the outcomes have been very good.

References: Mahoney AEJ et al, Internet cognitive behavioural treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder: A randomised controlled trial, Behaviour Research and Therapy, 2014.



“The course is helpful and useful, in that it encourages thinking to overcome problems associated with OCD. In particular, thought control when suffering, and the changing of this to more positive thoughts.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this course. “

Feedback after Lesson 6
“I have just completed Lesson 6 and I want to say thank you for an excellent course.
I have learnt so many new techniques, and I feel like I’m not alone.
I’d recommend this course to just about anyone. Thank you, and congrats on delivering such an impressive course online.”

Feedback after Lesson 6
“Thank you very, very much to THIS WAY UP.
I did the on-line course and have found my symptoms have dissipated to almost nothing. I love that I’ve learnt to challenge my unhelpful thoughts and to use appropriate bounderies.
This course has simplified my life now.”

Feedback after Lesson 6
“Thank you very much for providing the wonderful help contained within this course. It’s given me my freedom back.
Thank you so much for understanding and making my life easier and less complicated and confused. I’m a very happy lady today.”

Feedback after Lesson 6
After trying various professional options of help and management (and not being helped by any of them), I chanced upon THIS WAY UP. It has been the best thing for me.
I can see the logic and analytical sense in the management of the suggestions that are both practical and mental in their disciplines.
It isn’t easy to break the patterns of negative thought, but again, the suggestions offered in the sessions are easy for me to ‘get my teeth into’, and I know the patterns will break as I progress.

Feedback after Lesson 4

How Can I Study?

Self Help

  • Desktop Website
  • Unsupervised
  • Anonymous
  • 3 MonthsAccess
  • Available in Australia
  • $59


  • Desktop Website
  • Clinician Supervised
  • 3 Months Access
  • Available Worldwide
  • $59