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Chronic Pain – Reboot

Course Information


The pain system involves all of our body’s systems and is a sensible and necessary system that functions to protect our bodies from a perceived threat. Pain changes the way we move, think and behave, so that we take the necessary steps vital for healing or safety.

Sometimes the pain system can be ‘faulty’ and act in unusual ways. Chronic pain or persistent pain is pain that lasts longer than 3 months – beyond the healing period of tissue damage. This generally means that you experience pain despite having no new damage to the tissue. Pain does however impact on your ability to carry out your normal activities, whether these are at home or work, or in social or recreational settings.

People with chronic pain will face different problems and barriers that prevent them from living their normal lifestyle, and stop them from achieving their goals.

In order to help you with these barriers we have developed our Chronic Pain Course in conjunction with the Department of Pain Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. The course takes a multidisciplinary approach to pain management and is based on the effective Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model. In this course you will learn CBT skills to help better manage your chronic pain and improve your quality of life.

Who will find this course useful?

This course is intended for adults who have been experiencing chronic pain.

Course duration

This program involves eight lessons to be completed in a 120 day access period. We recommend aiming to complete one lesson every week. Upon completion of the course, you will be granted an extra 12 months access for practice purposes. Please note, there is a 5-day lockout period between lessons to encourage the revision of material.

How much will it cost?

This course costs A$59 for four months’ access. Upon completion of the course you will receive an additional 12 months access to review the material.

What type of support will I receive?

This course is only available for enrolment under clinician guidance. Before starting the course, we recommend that you discuss with your clinician how you can make contact if you have questions or concerns as you proceed though the lessons.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain or persistent pain is pain that lasts longer than 3 months – beyond the healing period of tissue damage.

People with chronic pain will face different problems and barriers that prevent them from living their normal lifestyle, and stop them from achieving their goals.

How is the course structured?

Online Questionnaires

Our online questionnaires help to establish how you are feeling. Results from the questionnaires are then relayed back to your clinician after each lesson. If you are undertaking a self-guided course, you will be notified by THIS WAY UP if your scores are above the acceptable range.

Comic-Based Stories

Our lessons are in a comic based format, where you can follow the journey of a character as they learn practical skills to combat anxiety. They also learn how to maintain these skills, manage and reduce difficulties, and prevent symptoms from returning.


Download our summaries and activities to reinforce what you learnt in each lesson.

Extra Resources

Download additional activities and information that you can complete between lessons.

Video Exercise Program

Watch exercise program videos developed by physiotherapists to help improve your movement.

Online Calendar

Schedule your next lesson using our online calendar and we’ll send you reminders for your next lesson.

Guided Mindfulness Exercises

Download .MP3 audio files of guided mindfulness exercises to listen to on your computer or on your phone.

Expert Videos

Developed by dietitians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, anaesthetists, psychiatrists and psychologists to help guide you.

Lesson Information

What lessons will the course cover?

Lesson 1

What Is Chronic Pain and What Is The Best Way To Manage It? – Learn about chronic pain, how it works, the brick-wall of chronic pain, and medications.

Lesson 2

Goal Setting and Moving Towards Acceptance – Learn about the the complexity of chronic pain, how to move towards acceptance and setting SMART short and long term goals.

Lesson 3

Movement, Pacing and Daily Activity Scheduling – Learn about the relationship between pain and activity, the importance of pacing and finding a baseline, daily activity scheduling and the components of an exercise program.

Lesson 4

Monitoring Your Thoughts and Recognising Unhelpful Thinking Patterns – Learn about the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and how to recognise unhelpful thinking.

Lesson 5

Mood and Pain, Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts and Managing Arousal – Learn to challenge unhelpful thinking, how to put planning into practice, how to manage anger, and practice relaxation to manage anxiety.

Lesson 6

Stress Management and Getting Better Sleep – Learn about stress, how to use problem solving, and how to get better sleep.

Lesson 7

Communication and Relationships – Learn how to communicate better and about relationships.

Lesson 8

Managing Flare Ups – Learn about flare-ups and relapses, prevention plans, continuing your pain management and where to get more help with chronic pain.



This course was created by qualified health professionals at the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression and the Department of Pain Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney and is based on the most up-to-date scientific research for chronic pain.


“It’s good to work at your own pace and have time to put into practice some of the lessons.”

Feedback after Lesson 1


This is so nice. I like to power through the lessons and I am so happy to have this when clinician is on vacation and in between visits.

I am excited about new opportunity. I have not had adequate health care and got really sick, living in rural area. This is accessible.”

Feedback after Lesson 3

How Can I Study?


  • Desktop Website
  • Clinician Supervised
  • 3 Months Access
  • Available Worldwide
  • $59