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Our brand new website

Watch our teaser to preview our newest and updated features and then make sure to explore them yourself 

You may have noticed that our THIS WAY UP website has recently had a make-over! Beyond the fresh graphics, we’ve made additional changes to improve the user experience. These include:

  • A brand new Coping Tool page
  • A re-vamped Take-a-Test feature to help users choose a course
  • A new Learning Hub providing psychoeducation on the disorders and symptoms that our courses target
  • Comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about each course
  • Making course registration easier to navigate

Now it’s your turn to see for yourself! Click around and explore our new pages at THISWAYUP.ORG.AU.

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Free Online Tools for Coping with COVID-19

Access a suite of practical workbooks, an audioguide, and other useful materials to help you manage coronavirus stress and anxiety.

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