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Why Quality Research Matters to Your Mental Health

How important is the term “evidence-based” to you when you Google information about your health?

While we might think twice before taking medication, we may not be as discerning about the mental health tips and advice we consume online.

So what’s the big deal about the term “evidence-based”?

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Recognising the Subtle Signs of Anxiety

When it comes to one of the most common mental health conditions in Australia – anxiety – those affected often do not seek professional assistance because many do not recognise that the difficulties they are experiencing relate to anxiety and can be effectively treated. Below we outlined some common, yet more subtle symptoms of anxiety. If […]

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Strategies to Improve Your Sleep

It’s probably no surprise that the quality and duration of your sleep is closely linked with your mental health.  A poor night’s sleep can negatively impact on your anxiety and mood – making you feel worse, which can, in turn, make getting a good night’s sleep even harder. The good news is, there are simple […]

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How to Prioritise Your Mental Health in 2019

It is the start of a brand new year, and so we wanted to share with you some tips on making your mental health a priority. Prioritising your health can be hard sometimes, especially if you are busy with work, family, studies, social commitments, and general activities of daily living. But by implementing our suggestions below, you can develop […]

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12 Free Apps to Help You Beat Stress

There are many ways to find help for stress. You could benefit from counselling, massage, or exercise, for instance. Now, thanks to the ubiquity of smart phones in our society, there is another way to beat stress, as well as anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders. Portable devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are […]

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OCD Awareness Week

Media release 20 May 2016 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder affects almost 3% of the Australian population to some extent, and 1.2% of the population will be diagnosed with OCD in any given year. The symptoms of OCD are often controlling, frustrating, and irritating to people suffering with the disorder, as well as for their family, friends, […]

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New apps help ease the mental burden for rural Australians

Media release 23 March 2016 This Way Up, an online mental health service of St Vincent’s Hospital and UNSW, offers hope to rural Australians experiencing anxiety and depression. This Way Up have recently developed a suite of smartphone applications, giving the majority of Australians portable access to proven and effective anxiety and depression treatments. Based […]

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Interview with Dr. Jill Newby:
author of the Mixed Depression and Anxiety Course

The mixed depression and anxiety course is our most popular course with more than 2000 patients enrolled in this course since 2012. Why do we think this is? Because more than half of people with anxiety will experience depression and vice versa. Dr. Jill Newby, a researcher and clinical psychologist, has recently led the work here at […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

As the end of another year approaches many people decide to declare to others and themselves, useful and healthy New Year’s Resolutions. These can include ‘I will exercise every day of the week’ or ‘I’m going to conquer my fear of heights’. Whilst these may be great ideas in theory, often after a few weeks […]

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